Nicole's Transformation

After my second child and hitting 150 lbs, I decided joined a Challange at my local gym where I lost 30 lbs. and learned Clean Eating behavior/habit modification which allowed me not only to maintain the weight I had lost but learned how to eat not by depriving myself but from changing one bad behavior for a good behavior.

Now that I’m 46, I have a better understanding about maintaining balance between my lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition; those habits in each area that I have created around my everyday life. This is what I now understand that used to be the problem and what I can’t wait to share with you the key components of living this lifestyle through my Healthlosophy®

Healthlosophy® is the philosophy behind everything I stand for as a Health Coach. It is a holistic approach to understanding all areas of your life and how are they related and affecting your nutrition and exercise. I do not dwell on counting calories or restrictions. On the contrary; once we work together and I understand your needs, your lifestyle and goals, I will design a program that is simple, realistic, flexible, fun and rewarding for you to stick to and reach that happy and healthy life you want.

Together we will implement the strategies, reprogram old habits and create your own individualized plan that is sustainable to living a life full of energy and free from dieting.

Who is a Healthlosophist®?

✓ We are women who feel empowered through taking care of our bodies

✓ We are independent

✓ We do no belittle others but only look for the best in the rest

✓ We are confident

✓ We push ourselves and never quit

✓ We are busy women with jobs, meetings, kids; and yet never use it as an excuse to to take care of ourselves

✓ We take care of our bodies for a bigger purpose than just looks

✓ We do not set limits and know that place where our body naturally wants to be.

We are not going to excuse ourselves for having that occasional glass of wine or that favorite dessert because we know that those 5-10 extra pounds are our spontaneity, OUR FAVORITE MEMORIES, OUR CELEBRATIONS OF LIFE, OUR FREEDOM, OUR LOVE, OUR LIFE!