So let me ask you...

  • Do you want to improve your lifestyle fitness or eating habits but not sure where to start or lack the knowledge?
  • Are you struggling with you health and weight?
  • Do you need a personalized program according to your likes, lifestyle that is flexible, fun and rewarding?
  • Do you wish that you could have someone that will constantly help you stick to your health plan?

You are not alone! Many people struggle on a daily basis and keep falling back to their old habits thus unable to achieve any meaningful progress. But, don’t worry, there is a way out!

This is where I step in as your health coach

To assist you and create your own personalized plan through encouragement, education and support in creating healthy behaviors in the areas of nutrition, fitness, weight and stress management.

I approach things differently which is centered around developing an understanding what are the triggers to certain behaviours while learning and developing strategies to help get on top of them. We create lifestyle habits that are with you for now and always, so you are not dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with yo-yo dieting and sporadic exercise. With my help and motivation as YOUR PERSONAL health coach, I bring accountability into the picture, provide support and a wealth of knowledge in the areas of nutrition and fitness. I kind of act like your personal assistant in regards to your overall health.


  1. Set Goals that are SMART – A health coach can help you set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. The set goal can be established both for short and long-term. With constant monitoring from your coach, you will be better able to stay on track.
  2. Stay positive and optimistic – Sometimes, you just feel that all hope is lost and you cannot pull through anymore. Your coach will retrain how you think and help you stay positive with the “I can do it” attitude.
  3. Create a new lifestyle – When you have a wellness coach, you get to transform your entire lifestyle under the coaching program. You adopt new and healthier habits that will transform your life.
  4. Stress-relief – Coaching programs are also great for alleviating and preventing stress. When you shed that pressure, you become happier and have more in control of your life.
  5. Cut spending on medical bills – When you stay healthy and stick to it, you have a healthier body that is free from serious health issues which might otherwise cost you huge sums to cure. But, if you begin your coaching program early, you could become healthier and have no need for medical visits.

Don’t waste any more time, say goodbye to those sad and low energy days. Regain control over your lifestyle!