About your health coach

My name is Nicole Hollaender, a German/Latina, mother of 2 kids and dog lover, who used to belong to the Corporate World for more than 20 years before following my true passion and becoming a certified Health Coach and ISSA Personal Trainer. With a “where there is a will, there is a way” and determined kind of attitude, I understand what it is to try to take care of your health and wellness while working at demanding jobs in multinational companies, do lots of work traveling, raising kids, plus dealing with her father´s cancer and death, divorce, etc. I completely relate to my clients since I have overcome a lifelong battle with overeating and losing 10-20 lbs with fad diets and pills, just to gain them all over again (and a few more).

Nicole’s transformation

After my second child and hitting 150 lbs, I decided to join a Challenge at my local gym where I lost 30 lbs. and learned Clean Eating behavior/habit modification which allowed me not only to maintain the weight I had lost but learned how to eat not by depriving myself but from changing one bad behavior for a good behavior.

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