Fit and Healthy You

10-week Health Coaching Program

Initial consultation 1 hr (phone or SKYPE)

We will discuss 1:1 where you are, where you want to be and how we are going to get you there.

Personalized food audits

I will assess fridge/freezer/pantry while suggesting healthier options and additional items so you are creating your own healthy recipes and shopping lists in no time.

Personalized nutritional and exercise plan

Based on our Initial Consultation, I will create a nutritional and exercise action plan using food and exercise you like!

Twice a month follow up calls (phone or Skype)

During our 45 min 1:1 appointment we will be evaluating how you are doing with the past weeks focus goals while setting the next 2 week’s strategies and goals. Includes post call emails.

Unlimited email contact

Just in case you have questions or after some needed mid-week support!